ZARA PERFUMES - Dupes of famous fragrances


Today I went to Zara to check out the new Spring/Summer collection but my attention was caught by something else…perfumes! I had never noticed Zara perfumes but, captured by the many colored bottles I took a sniff of all of them! And guess what? Most of the fragrances seems to be very familiar!!!

Yes, many Zara’s fragrances are almost perfect dupe of other much more expensive and well known perfumes! The scents are incredibly comparable but the best thing is that you can get them for a fraction of the price!!!!!!

Here are the dupes I found out:

Chanel Chance | Zara Collection Woman
Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb| Zara Black Peony
Narciso Rodriguez For Her | Zara Rose

Dior Miss Dior | Zara Textures Water Lily
Dior J'Adore | Zara Rose
Chloe Chloe | Zara Silk 
Thierry Mugler Angel | Zara Texture Lilac
Trussardi Trussardi Inside | Zara Woman Chocolate  
Paco Rabanne Lady Million | Zara Iris
Ralph Lauren Glamourous Daylight | Zara White
Michael Kors | Zara Woman (gold rose bottle)

Now that I’ve revealed you the secret, go and smell them! 

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  1. Anonymous31.10.12

    Yes, I agree!

    Especially with the Black Peony one, it does smell just like Flowerbomb
    and add to the list Zara Woman (in a gold rose bottle) is just like the original Michael Kors scent.

  2. Anonymous10.11.12

    Yes i Have black peony ! I m really happy to Have discovered it cause it smells so good ! Like a great perfume !

  3. Anonymous2.12.12

    Zara white smells exactly like Ralph Lauren's glamorous daylight, at least for me :)

  4. You are absolutely right! My favorite is J'adore but it's too expensive for me, so today I bought Zara Rose and I love it!!!
    Regards from Hungary :)

    1. Anonymous16.6.16

      I DO NOT like J'adore. I received a big bottle as a gift and I wore it one time. If I knew where it was, I'd send it to you.

  5. Sonia30.3.13

    Hello, congratulations for your loved blog post! I'm looking for a perfume zara similar to Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, do you know any? thank you

    1. Anonymous26.1.16

      lidl madame glamour £4.00 smellls great

  6. Anonymous13.4.13

    Dear Sonia,

    The Lidl perfume, Suddenly Madame Glamour is better than Coco Mademoiselle, at least based on blind tests.

    1. Anonymous20.1.14

      try perfume from next eau nude smells very similar to Coco Mademoiselle and its so cheap :D

    2. Agreed. The Next Eau Nude is gorgeous. Long lasting (and not all cheaper perfumes last on me, last few years). I am going to purchase the Lidl perfume tomorrow, as I it is offer even cheaper than it's meagre £3.99, at a price of £1.99. Gonna get there early! Save my more expensive perfumes (I wear Bvalgri Omnia Coral, Narcisso Rodriguez and Elizabeth Arden Untold for my going out scents and layer them with the matching body products, so they last longer and you use even less of the scent).

  7. Anonymous21.4.13

    hello everybody would you please provide me with the name of the initial version of zara 92 Champs Elysées Paris.I mean this perfume is the dupe of which one? Many Thanks

  8. Hello , I am looking for a dupe for Calvin Klein Euphoria. Anyone know if there is a dupe for that? My husband doesnt like many perfumes but he loves this one. So please help :) Thanks

  9. Anonymous28.5.13

    The notes of Zara 92 Champs Elysèes are bergamont , jasmine , vanilla, patchuli and caramel...but i cant find what dupe is this...

  10. its hard to buy zara colletion women perfume but thank you so much

  11. Anonymous10.9.13

    Hi! I absolutely love the perfume Zara Red but they don't produce it anymore. Does anyone know what dupe it is? Or what the notes are?

  12. Anonymous3.12.13

    I love Zara Red too. I am so desperate in finding something that smells like it but I can't find any substitute.. Anyone knows which it's notes are?

  13. Anonymous17.1.14

    hi every body

    I am trying to find the same perfum of Zara for her collection 2002

  14. hey everybody,

    thanks for the post, SO useful !!!.. Does anyone know where to get a hold of zara woman gold or zara iris, i didnt get any luck from the website, and ive checked ebay and amazon. would really appreciate any suggestion. Thanks x

    1. I just picked Gold up in stores yesterday

  15. Anonymous20.4.14

    Hi everybody

    Last summer I bought the Women Rose Gold by Zara, and I loved it so much!
    Finally I had found a perfume that fits on me.
    Now, my bottle is almost empty and I absolutely want to buy another one but I can't find it...
    Does anyone have an idea where I could order this?

    Thanks a lot!

  16. Anonymous8.7.14

    Hey everyone!

    I really love the perfume Zara Blue but can't find it anywhere or referenced anywhere, just one picture on Google. I would swear it doesn't exist! Anyway, Zara don't sell the perfume anymore which I bought years and years ago it seems. Does anyone know where I might still be able to buy it or something that smells similar?

  17. Anonymous24.10.14

    I am also looking for Zara Blue...I ve heard it is Miss Cherie from Dior, but no, thats not it. It does not matter how much is the price I just want to have it once again. Heeeelppppp

    1. Anonymous22.1.15

      Me too, i do t care what is the price, but i want that divine scent! I ve also heard its miss dior, but that is not it.. Please help us find that zara blue!!

    2. Hey, on the off chance you get notified and read this - did either of you have any luck? My Zara Blue is also running low. It's my favourite perfume ever, I even wore it to my wedding, and I really want to find one with the same scent, but the only descriptive word on the box is "Natural"!!!

    3. Hey, on the off chance you get notified and read this - did either of you have any luck? My Zara Blue is also running low. It's my favourite perfume ever, I even wore it to my wedding, and I really want to find one with the same scent, but the only descriptive word on the box is "Natural"!!!

  18. i love zara perfumes but i think they are rare outside europe.i checked with zara store dubai and they dont sell the fragrances in there.i m too disappointed,wanted ti buy many.thanks for the lovely post.

  19. Anonymous27.12.14

    Hello, i want to know if 'Zara woman oriental' smells the same as any famous fragrance.


  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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  23. Hi, can someone please guide which Zara's perfumes is copy of Paco Rabanne lady million ?



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